If you're looking for help—for yourself or a loved one—to improve attention, reduce stress in learning, or discover ease in movement, you're in the right place. Using proven, learning-based approaches, the McNatt Learning Center has been helping extraordinary people do ordinary things since 2003.

Learning, by definition, expands potential. Efficient, sustainable learning:

Can make the impossible… possible.

Can make the possible… easy.

Can make the easy… elegant.

However much we know—or don't—it's always possible to learn. What's possible? How do you know? Consider: how can you choose what to do, if you don't know what you're doing? Or, how can your child make better choices, if (s)he isn't paying attention when it counts? Awareness—consistent awareness, which comes only with practice—is vital.

Young learners are full of surprises, and old dogs can learn new tricks. If you want to break old habits, establish new ones, or just explore what you're really capable of… just give us a call.

Following thorough assessment, we match people with practices that make learning and living more efficient and sustainable, then we help them implement those practices. Perhaps we can do the same for you.


Do you or your child take a long time, struggle very hard, or frequently "miss the point?"

Do some tasks simply go undone—avoided because they seem too complicated or too hard?

Do you or your child have difficulty understanding, remembering, or staying organized?

Is following instructions, staying on task, or simply sitting still frustratingly difficult?

Have you or your child been diagnosed with a learning disability, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, cognitive processing disorder, or atypical giftedness—or had learning difficulties go undiagnosed?

Does it seem like no one understands—and those who claim to don't offer any hope?

There is still hope…

We specialize in practices that enhance awareness, build attention, refine sensation, and facilitate movement. These are basic abilities—but we need them for everything. We assure you: there is still hope:

That diluting the learning can't offer.

That remedial tutoring can't provide.

That no drug is likely to give.

If your or your child's difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, math, or any other subject aren't solved by more instruction, the problems go deeper than academics. Using proven techniques unified by a clear and coherent philosophy of learning, the McNatt Learning Center helps solve those problems.

Lack of motivation, we believe, is more often the result of a learning problem, rather than its cause. Sometimes, the cause of learning problems is physical. Often, there are other factors in play, including:

  • Ignorance of important distinctions,
  • Difficulties focusing,
  • Resistance to training,
  • Difficulties getting and staying "in sync" with others and the world at large.

We offer hope…


For the student called unmotivated, hyperactive, lazy, a "student at risk."


For the student diagnosed with a learning disability, stuck in the lowest ability group, deprived of opportunities to learn.


For the gifted student whose learning difficulties have gone unaddressed and whose full potential has gone untapped.


For the student who has all but given up on learning, the student who wants to be liked and accepted, the student who feels that something is wrong—and that "something" isn't getting better.

We educate.

We help people to learn—and to improve how they learn. We draw out each learner's best.

We help people learn to focus. We teach prioritization and sequencing, but more than that: we teach how to attend and how to direct attention.

We nurture willingness to train. We keep the challenges we coach learners through possible, so learners can succeed. We keep the challenges productive, too, so they're worth doing well.

We help people get and stay in sync. We help people feel their own rhythms, discover the rhythms of others, and appreciate the option of joining in—if they choose to.

We help people be free to choose good. So often, people want to do better—but they're stuck in habit patterns that hold them back. We help set them free, so they can do the good they've always wanted to.

You can be confident.

Since our cutting-edge services draw from among the best interventions in the fields of neurodevelopment, mediated learning, cognitive training, and somatic integration, parents can be confident of their child's success—and adults can benefit, too.

Perhaps you want to:

  • Find ease and comfort in movement;
  • Improve your ability to adjust to change;
  • Reduce your likelihood of injury;
  • Learn more quickly;
  • Retain more of what you've learned;
  • Experience joy, once again, in everyday living;
  • Find ease and speed in your golf game, dance, or sport;
  • Realize a professional edge; or, perhaps, simply
  • See the same success you've seen in your child.

If so, we can help.

You're in good hands.

An Educator's Hands

Sometimes after looking at a new client's paperwork, or as a result of a HANDLE® Screening or Assessment, we will recommend that a client investigate potential medical causes for learning difficulties.

We do not provide medical testing, diagnose, or prescribe. While we try to keep an eye out for signs of potential medical problems, 100% of our services are educational in nature.

Compassionate Hands

We remain committed to ensuring, whenever possible, that cost never stands in the way of a person's receiving services. If payment is an issue, or ever becomes one, please ask about our flexible payment options.

Honest Hands

Since clients' needs vary greatly, the time necessary to insure success varies, too. We thus discuss fees only after initial, observational assessment—at the same time we're exploring what practices a client is likely to find most beneficial. There are never any hidden charges: all policies, fees—along with risks and benefits—are discussed and agreed upon ahead of time.

Here's where to find us.

We're located at
101 W. Illinois Ave., Suite E
Morris, IL 60450.

Off-street parking is available in
the lot to the east of the building.

You can also find us on Facebook.