The Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education


Pick one good thing you most want to do. The Feldenkrais Method can help you do that one thing more efficiently, with greater satisfaction and ease.

The Feldenkrais Method can reconnect you to your birthright, as a human being: to move in freedom.


The Feldenkrais Method uses movement to help you connect with yourself and to expand your options for action. It combines concepts such as functional anatomy, human development, and philosophies of learning into a unique, movement-based mindfulness practice.


The Feldenkrais Method is designed to assist people in becoming more aware of the way we move, so we can be more effective in our actions, more creative in our mental activities, and more comfortable within ourselves emotionally. It’s a wonderful way to overcome old habits and establish new habits of healthy, well-coordinated action.


As you practice the gentle movement explorations of Feldenkrais Method, you improve coordination of your muscles. You begin to respond to obstacles with less force and more precision—and, therefore, more power. This is true whether what you’re doing is sitting at the computer, playing children or grandchildren, running a marathon, acting on stage, or dancing your heart out. Everything we do involves movement.


As you practice the Feldenkrais Method, you become better able to modulate your perceptions, dampening out over-stimulation and attending with wonder to the meaningful subtleties of everyday life. You notice more beauty in yourself and in the world around you. Sometimes, others take notice, too.


In practicing the Feldenkrais Method, you tease apart sequences of movement, then put them back together in ways that are sometimes comfortably familiar and, other times, fun and surprising. You find yourself able to leave behind goals that have become less important to you and to focus more intently on what matters to you now. You discover greater safety, comfort, and assurance as you progress toward what matters to you, as well—even when you have a long way to go.


When done in a mindful, gentle way, the movements in Feldenkrais lessons are sequenced to increase your own awareness of what you are doing and the options you have for moving differently. Exploring the movements with attention develops and refines coordination. The movements are not intended to strengthen or stretch your muscles. Instead, they build coordination and control. They make your actions more efficient.

Reduced Pain

In group classes, called “Awareness Through Movement,” you generally do Feldenkrais movements yourself, following verbal instructions. In private sessions, called “Functional Integration,” your Feldenkrais Practitioner combines touch and verbal instruction to guide your movement, tailoring the lesson based on your feedback and needs.

The Feldenkrais Method can be a powerful component of any approach to pain reduction and personal transformation. It’s designed for anyone who wants to reconnect with their natural abilities to move, think and feel. If you’re willing to face what you’ve been doing and to move ahead with loving acceptance, the Feldenkrais Method is for you.